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USB Development Kit

Gain full control of your Intelligent Hearing Systems hardware with the USB Development Kit.

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USB Development Kit

The USB Development Kit provides any researcher with a powerful and simple way to control the functionality of the Duet or Universal Smart Box and its components. This 32-bit software control library can be used in combination with any programming language or software package that supports DLL controls to build your own software applications, allowing you to access all the functions of the hardware through the standard Universal Serial Bus connection.


The library of commands allow you to load program files to the DSP hardware, read and write data to and from the device, select the input channels for acquisition, select the output channels for stimulation, control the parameters of stimulation, apply various types of pre-processing and signal conditioning parameters, or perform signal post-processing of acquired data.


Hardware Platforms


The USB Development Kit is available exclusively for the Duet and Universal Smart Box platforms. Please contact us for additional information.


USB Development Kit Product Brochure
Download the brochure for the USB Development Kit library and learn more about gaining full control of the acquisition process using the Universal Smart Box platform.