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Phonetic transcribing made easy by putting a full set of IPA symbols on your screen and at your fingertips.

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Logical International Phonetics Program

LIPP's analysis features are as sophisticated as its transcription capabilities. The powerful LIPP analysis language allows you to easily define phonetic features and rules for your customized analysis or to use one of a variety of packaged tests such as the Phonological Deviation Analysis by Computer (Hodson).

Thin LIPP Features:

  • User friendly interface.
  • Word processor-like editing capabilities.
  • User friendly windows pop-up menus of phonetic symbols and program options.
  • Dictionary of correct phonetic forms for many child vocabulary items.
  • Quick transcript file access.
  • Automatic disk storage of transcripts.
  • Demographic files to record and maintain client or subject records.
  • Full set of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols.
  • Special symbols for common childhood pronunciations.
  • Optional pragmatic function coding.
  • Modifiable dictionary of correct phonetic forms.
  • Simple inventory Analysis


Lower LIPP

Lower LIPP has all the features of Thin LIPP plus all these additional analysis features:

  • Simple inventory analysis.
  • Segment inventories.
  • Context sensitive descriptions of correct and incorrect segment features.
  • Phonological process analysis complete with deletion, substitution, assimilation and metathesis rules.
  • Automatic printouts and disk storage of analysis outputs.


Upper LIPP

Upper LIPP has all the features of Thin LIPP and Lower LIPP plus all these additional features

Analysis Features

  • Simple inventory analysis.
  • The LIPP Analysis Language (LAL) is a powerful analysis language that allows you to define phonetic features for your custom analysis.
  • Highly efficient LAL compiler with error checking and messages.
  • Transcription reliability analysis by automated comparison of multiple transcriptions of the same utterances.
  • Automatic printouts and disk storage of analysis outputs.

Phonetic Flexibility

  • Features for creation of your phonetic symbology and keyboard mapping.
  • Modifiable symbol definitions.
  • Easily modifiable dictionary.
  • Easy creation of new dictionaries for your special application.



LIPP Product Brochure
Download the brochure for additional information about the LIPP product capabilities for use in phonetic transcription.



A demonstration version of LIPP Version 3 can be downloaded here. Click on the button, save the file and unzip to the desired directory. LIPP requires a computer with Windows 98 or better, a mouse or other pointing device, and a printer.