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ABR/OAE Simulator

Training tool for students and system operators.

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Ideal practice tool

The ABR/OAE simulator can help students and other electrophysiological system users get familiar with standard procedures before handling actual patients. The simulator can take your classroom experience to a new level. It is also a great tool for those that want to get re-aquainted with the ABR and OAE testing procedures.

ABR/OAE Features:

  • ABR generated at the time of stimulation.
  • Select the ABR waveform to be produced.
  • ABR response is generated based on stimulus intensity.
  • Multi-level EEG/EMG generation, from quiet to noisy.
  • Measure impedance normally, using your AEP unit or impedance meter.
  • Select from Distortion Product OAE or Transient OAE responses.
  • Live display of incoming signals and outputs.


Hardware Features

  • Single channel setup with 3 electrode locations.
  • Can receive sound stimulus from insert earphones, headphones, OAE probe, or sound field.
  • Use any kind of sound coupler with insert earphones.
  • Built-in sound receptors for both ears work independently allowing simultaneous ABR.
  • Choose right or left ear for OAE output.
  • Compatible with any ABR/OAE equipment.
  • Windows 10 complatible.



Panfleto de información del Simulador ISAO en EspañolBrochure for the ISAO Simulator in EnglishABR/OAE Simulator Product Brochure
Download the brochure for additional information about the ABR/OAE simulator capabilities for use in training facilities and classrooms.