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Screening audiometer for your Universal Smart Box.

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Screening Audiometer

SmartAudiometer makes a great addition to your existing modules. Perform manual testing, or simply run a automated protocol where the patient pushes a button in response to the sound.

Features include:

  • Use pure tones or many of the pre-defined bursts.
  • Import your own WAV files for use in SmartAud.
  • Customizable parameters for full control of automated testing.

Available Stimulators:

  • Sound Field speakers.
  • Headphones.
  • Customizable parameters for full control of automated testing.

Hardware Platforms

USB Lite, Duet and USB Box

SmartAudiometer can be used with any of our hardware platforms. Sound transducer availability will depend on the platform used. All IHS hardware platforms are Windows 10 compatible. Please contact us for additional information.



SmartAud Product Brochure
Download the brochure for additional information about the Smart Audiometer product capabilities for generating audiograms using insert earphones, headphones, bone conductor, air conduction, and more.


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Using the Stimulus Conversion Utility
This application note describes the conversion of WAV format files to the IHS stimulus format. This document applies to SmartEP, IVRA, and SmartAudiometer.