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A sophisticated, full-featured continuous acquisition module for research.

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Continuous Acquisition Module

SmartEP-CAM, is the most flexible platform for the acquisition of EEG and Evoked Responses.

Features include:

  • Continuous acquisition of up to 8 channels.
  • Recordings saved to disk as they are acquired
  • Freeze the screen, zoom, or move down the timeline.
  • Label important features.
  • Create an average based on your parameters.
  • Export high resolution averages for analysis.


Hardware Platforms


SmartEP-CAM is available exclusively for the Universal Smart Box. Please contact us for additional information.


SmartEP-CAM Product Brochure
Download the brochure and learn more about the acquisition of evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions with the unparalleled flexibility of the SpartEP-CAM software.