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Lilly TM-Wick Electrode

Used for ECochG recordings for over 20 years.

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The Lilly TM-Wick electrode was designed and developed by Dr. David J. Lilly and is now manufactured by Intelligent Hearing Systems.

These non-invasive extra-tympanic electrodes bring the recording location closer to the generator site, sitting at the tympanic membrane, allowing for the collection of more robust and repeatable Electrocochleography responses. Electrodes are shipped dehydrated to allow for long term storage, and can be easily rehydrated with saline solution.

The companion electrode cable, with industry-standard electrode lead connectors, makes the Lilly TM-Wick compatible for use with SmartEP, and all other manufacturer equipment capable of acquiring ECochG.

The Lilly TM-Wick Electrodes are made in the U.S.A. from biocompatible materials at an ISO certified facility. They are Latex free.


TM-Wick Electrodes can be ordered from the IHS Catalog in the following configurations:

TM-Wick cables are included in the starter set and are reusable, replacement cables can also be obtained from the catalog by clicking here.


TM-Wick Electrode Features

  • Non-invasive, extra-tympanic.
  • Improved recording quality when compared to other electrodes.
  • Gel tip for excellent electrode contact.
  • Thin electrode cable.
  • Shielded cable for cleaner recordings.
  • Touch-proof lead connector
  • Dehydrated before packaging for extended shelf life.
  • Easily rehydrated.
  • Made from biocompatible materials.


Lilly TM-Wick Electrode Brochure
Download the brochure for additional information about the Lilly TM-Wick electrodes.